Bullards raises a glass to Dutch expo

10 December 2019

Historic Norfolk brewing firm Bullards has recommended food and drink producers in the region attend Horecava 2020 in Amsterdam. 

Bullards Spirits was among 18 companies from Norfolk and Suffolk which exhibited at this year’s event – one of the biggest hospitality shows in Europe. 

The company, which has an association with Norwich stretching back 170 years, signed up a distributor after taking part in the trade mission from the region. Horecava attracts more than 66,000 catering professionals from 40,000 business in the food service industry and covers over 100,000m2 floor space. The forthcoming event takes place from 13-16 January 2020. 

Russell Evans, managing director of Bullards Spirits said: “We met lots of people, made great contacts and had a great time. The way to approach overseas markets is not just by diving in. It’s more subtle, it’s making contacts and it’s working with a few people rather than lots.

“By exhibiting we made lots of contacts, lots of people. I’m going to going for a couple of days. I’m going to be talking to people I met last year, hopefully meeting people I didn’t meet last year and coming to the stand you guys have got to see how you’re doing.”

For further information, or to book your place, please contact: Roberta Willner at Roberta.willner@norfolk.gov.uk

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