Innovation Martlesham at Adastral Park
Innovation Martlesham at Adastral Park

Meet the Digital ICT community

29 April 2021

Adastral Park is not just home to BT Labs, the firm’s global R&D facilities. It also hosts thought leadership organisations and a vibrant cluster of ICT and Digital companies. Here is a short overview of the four main entities. Please follow the links to find out more about their work and opportunities for collaboration. 

Innovation Martlesham (IM) 

IM, under the leadership of Nicky Daniels, represents the cluster of around 140 ICT and Digital companies now resident on Adastral Park. These range from global organisations like Cisco, Huawei and Nokia, to a diverse range of innovative SMEs and dynamic start-ups. This ecosystem includes companies that specialise in networks, cyber security, AI, data, and software engineering as well as professional support services. The IM team aspires to help create jobs and attract investment to the region. It actively seeks out and makes connections that can help the cluster companies with technology, resourcing, collaboration and channel opportunities. IM provides incubation and acceleration facilities to nurture young companies, as well as providing them with mentoring, showcasing opportunities, and introductions to potential investors. 

Tech East 

Tech East, under the leadership of Tim Robinson, is the voice of the world-leading tech industry in the East of England. It represents start-ups, scale-ups and late stage tech businesses of all sizes. By connecting entrepreneurs, investors, academics and innovators it helps create opportunities for growth. It works closely with Innovation Martlesham and other clusters across the region. It also has strong links with private and public sector organisations in Cambridge, Norwich, and Ipswich, and Tech Nation in London. It represents the region’s views to policy makers and lobbies for the good of the region.  

Tommy Flowers Network (TFN)

TFN honours the memory of computing pioneer Tommy Flowers, who was instrumental in developing the world’s first programmable electronic computer, Colossus, during the 1940s. TFN now works to connect businesses with a new generation of postgraduate researchers to tackle global ICT challenges, around topics such as media, transport and health. The network includes some 40 universities in the UK and across the globe, so extending our ecosystem and leveraging knowledge. Tommy Flowers applied his expertise to the purpose of code breaking. TFN continues that purpose driven approach by looking for ways to fuse fundamental scientific research with applied engineering. It aims to create world-leading researchers, improve multi-disciplinary collaboration between academia and industry, and translate understanding into economic, commercial and societal benefits. 


TEAC UK is a partnership between BT, the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and Facebook that aims to develop next-generation telecoms technologies. TIP is a global community of organisations working together to accelerate the development and deployment of open, standards-based technologies that deliver high quality connectivity. TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centres (TEACs) in the UK, France, Germany, and South Korea form the heart of this global, engineering-led initiative. Each year, TEAC UK invites start-ups to compete for a place on its accelerator programme. Winners get the opportunity to work closely with BT engineers at Adastral Park and use BT's network infrastructure, hardware and testing facilities. Successful start-ups also join the Innovation Martlesham cluster and gain further collaborative and networking opportunities with the global TIP and TEAC community.


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