Recognition for health, science and tech innovators

04 March 2021

Science and tech innovators from across the region are being celebrated in the #21toWatch campaign. 

The winners represent the region’s globally recognised excellence in biotechnology and life sciences as well as AI, agri-tech, and water and energy sustainability. 

Those recognised from across Norfolk and Suffolk include: 

Prof Justin O’Grady, Group Leader, Quadram Institute: Justin is Group Leader at Quadram Institute, working on pathogens and rapid diagnostics. He is a key member of the Norwich team working on sequencing the SARS-CoV-2 virus as part of the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium (COG-UK). 

Dr Tom Stubbs, CEO and Founder, Chronomics: Tom is CEO and founder of UK-based biotechnology company, Chronomics, founded on the use of epigenetics to give people the knowledge of how their environment and lifestyle are imprinting on their DNA and affecting their health. He is a specialist in epigenetics, machine learning, and computational biology. 

Iceni Diagnostics: Iceni Diagnostics develops carbohydrate-based point-of-care diagnostics and vaccines for infectious diseases, using its unique, proprietary HPGR ™ technology. Norwich-based Iceni has a strong pipeline of products currently lead by a Covid-19 diagnostic. 

Leaf Expression Systems: Using its proprietary technology, Hypertrans®, Leaf Expression Systems is an innovative contract development and manufacturing organisation specialising in plant-based production of proteins, vaccines and complex natural products for research and commercial applications.

Developing Experts: Designed to connect the world of work to learning, Developing Experts offers a science curriculum for schools and a careers and recruitment platform for the whole family. The company empowers employers to recruit responsibly by supporting its users to make informed choices about their future careers to build the diverse workforce industry needs. 

Glyconics®: An innovative diagnostics company, Glyconics® is developing a range of miniaturized InfraRed (IR) products for point of care, exploiting the ability of IR to produce distinctive molecular ‘fingerprints’ in samples. The company’s first application is screening for Type 2 diabetes, a major global challenge. 

Map of Ag: Map of Ag’s vision is to be the most trusted global data platform connecting farms and industry. The company’s platform can control how and where data is used, allowing Map of Ag and third parties to develop innovative solutions that drive efficiency, transparency and Net Zero. 

For details of the full #21toWatch programme and lists, please go to      

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