When you are choosing somewhere to locate your business, you have to consider the bottom line of course. It can be the difference between success and failure. Norfolk & Suffolk offers great value for money and is relatively inexpensive for business across a number of factors. 

Grants and support

There are many ways we can support you if you are looking to invest or expand your business in Norfolk & Suffolk, including guiding you to the various grants available.

Are you a business that will be creating
jobs or expand in Norfolk & Suffolk?

You could be eligible for a £25,000 - £500,000 grant from the Growing Business Fund.

or £1,000 - £25,000 from the Small Grant scheme. https://newanglia.co.uk/small-grant-scheme/

Need extra funding? 

New Anglia Capital is a co-investment fund stimulating entrepreneurship across Norfolk and Suffolk, with £2million of funding from New Anglia LEP.

The fund brings businesses and angel investors together to kick-start new products and innovative ideas into thriving new businesses, as well as support existing high-growth companies.

New Anglia LEP's Growing Places Fund provides infrastructure loan funding to help specific development projects .
See https://newanglia.co.uk/growing-places-fund

Not all these schemes are available in every situation. Talk to us about what would work for you.


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