Who are they?

  • Early-mid 20s
  • Single
  • Looking for first or second job
  • Currently living in their home towns either with friends or in parental home or at university city independently, or living at home with parents
  • Ambitious, energetic and keen to prove themselves
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends/thinking and developments in their field
  • Tech savvy
  • Happy to travel anywhere for the right role, opportunity, company, sector or environment

What are they looking for?

  • Their first big step on the career ladder, with an eye on prospects for future progression/earning potential and long-term cost of living requirements
  • A choice of decent-sized industries in a region significant enough to sustain their next couple of career moves
  • A financial reward that will reflect their newly qualified status
  • To live somewhere that keeps pace with industry developments and trends
  • The ability to travel easily to other places and feel connected to the rest of the country/world
  • A vibrant social scene with a good network of friends and colleagues
  • An active lifestyle with plenty of leisure facilities, arts, culture, entertainment, restaurants, shopping and outdoor pursuits
  • Affordable city centre homes to rent or buy

What a move to Norfolk & Suffolk offer?

  • The chance to be part of ‘the second fastest growing UK region for high-growth industries’ – a centre for innovation and economic growth with lively business communities
  • The region is home to plenty of well-known brands e.g. Aviva, British Sugar, Greene King, Lotus, Adnams, Kettle Foods and lesser known but big industry players e.g. Marsh, Siemens, Baxter Healthcare
  • The region is home to world-leading science – Norwich Research Park, Adastral Park – tech and energy sectors
  • Close enough to Cambridge and London for work related visits
  • A variety of thriving sectors such as creative, health, financial and agricultural.
  • Affordable housing – you’ll get more for your money here and there’s something for everybody (buy or rent)
  • A vibrant social scene – sports, arts, music, cinema, theatre, historic and outdoor activities all readily available
  • Plenty of shops (local businesses), hotels and restaurants
  • Opportunity for remote working if required – more important now than ever before
  • Active business networking groups to share ideas and make connections
  • Easy access to and from the county – great train, air and road links
  • A healthy pace of life – get the right balance between work, rest and play

Case studies

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