Who are they?

  • Early 30s-50s
  • Career comes first, above all other lifestyle considerations
  • Single-minded high-fliers who may be in a relationship, with or without children but career is their driving force
  • Established in their chosen career and have achieved a high level of success (high level execs)
  • Driven by status, ego, size of remuneration package, peer group
  • Happy to commute daily into town/city to work or stay away in hotel/rented home during week
  • Happy to do extensive domestic and international travel· Enjoys material wealth and an active lifestyle

What are they looking for?

  • To take their career to the next level with improved package/financial reward and the potential for future progression
  • A place where they can be at the forefront of the latest developments in their industry and feel acknowledged/admired for their contribution
  • Significant range and size of industries to choose from and to offer sufficient long-term earning potential
  • An active peer business network to share ideas and make beneficial connections
  • To live somewhere that keeps pace with change in the modern world
  • Opportunity to purchase a property that reflects their improved status but with plenty left to spend on leisure/lifestyle pursuits
  • To have a good social life with a close group of friends to spend time with, somewhere with good leisure facilities and a vibrant culture
  • Good transport links - the ability to travel easily to other parts of the country/world for business or pleasure

What a move to Norfolk & Suffolk offer?

  • The chance to be part of ‘the second fastest growing UK region for high-growth industries’ – a centre for innovation and economic growth with lively business communities
  • The region is home to plenty of well-known brands e.g. Aviva, British Sugar, Greene King, Lotus, Adnams, Kettle Foods and lesser known but big industry players e.g. Marsh, Siemens, Baxter Healthcare
  • The region is home to world-leading science – Norwich Research Park, Adastral Park – tech and energy sectors
  • A variety of thriving sectors such as creative, health, financial and agricultural
  • Opportunity for remote working if required – more important now than before
  • The chance to join active networks of like-minded people/key business contacts (such as NAAME, FIG, CNTC and innovation hubs with virtual tenancies)
  • Able to buy the BIG house – you’ll get more for your money here
  • Easy access to and from the county – great train, air and road links· Plenty of shops, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues (sporting, cinema, theatre etc) – Norwich is a bit like Notting Hill
  • A healthier pace of life – get the right balance between work, rest and play
  • Life in a place that is both historic and modern· Outdoor living opportunity - green space, big skies, parks, rivers, woodland, wildlife, easy access to over 100 miles of coast and great beaches

Case studies

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