Who are they?

  • Mid 20s-30s
  • Likely to be in a stable relationship
  • May already have a child/children or maybe planning family in near future
  • Currently working in or near a city or town, commuting the norm
  • Enjoy current job and accept that they work long hours
  • Life priorities shifting from ‘career now’ to ‘future family’/lifestyle considerations

What are they looking for?

  • An improved ‘work-life balance’, with family-life the central theme
  • A position/role in a place that offers opportunities to move their career forward, with long-term earning potential
  • To spend more time on the things they love to do, without compromising income significantly
  • A place to raise a happy, healthy family, in it for the longer-term
  • Somewhere that is safe to live, with excellent education facilities – schools and further education – and sufficient future employment opportunities for their children
  • To live somewhere that keeps pace with change in the modern world
  • A range of leisure facilities, a vibrant culture and outdoor living potential
  • Good transport links for easy travel to other parts of the country to visit family/ friends, go on holiday (airports/ports) or for work if necessary
  • A broad range of housing options to maintain or improve their current standard of living
  • Confirmation that they’re making the right choice

What a move to Norfolk & Suffolk offer?

  • A healthier pace of life – get the right balance between work, rest and play
  • Plenty of opportunities for outdoor living – green space, big skies, parks, rivers, woodland, wildlife, easy access to over 100 miles of coast and great beaches
  • Low crime rates across both counties
  • Family friendly facilities, including camping, cycling, wildlife parks, adventure parks, historic gardens, walking….
  • Diverse range of schools, colleges and universities catering for all needs and abilities
  • Opportunity for remote working if required – more important now than before
  • Easy access to and from the county – great train, air and road links
  • Plenty of shops (local businesses), hotels and restaurants
  • Great community spirit – once you come here you won’t want to leave
  • Weather – one of the lowest rainfalls in the UK: most sunshine in the country
  • Housing affordability – you’ll get more for your money here and there’s something for everybody

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