Welcome to the UK’s Clean Growth region

The Norfolk & Suffolk region of the UK has a great talent pool, a wealth of high-tech assets and excellent connections to the rest of the UK, Europe and beyond. And a great team ready to throw open our doors and support your business.

Norfolk & Suffolk has internationally recognized specializations in ICT/ Digital, Food and Agriculture and Clean Energy.  Each sector is represented by major global companies, leading edge R&D, expert talent pools and supportive networks.

New businesses survive and thrive here more than in the UK as a whole*, thanks to a wealth of business and employee friendly factors:

• Close to London - 47 miles at nearest point.
• Median salaries 9% lower than UK average*   
• Commercial real estate costs lower than the UK average*
• 16 Enterprise Zones – special sites providing a variety of tax incentives   
• Felixstowe, Britain’s largest and busiest container port, connects to 700 global ports, including nine in the USA
• High quality of life*

port of felixstowe Norfolk and Suffolk Unlimited
nrp Norfolk and Suffolk Unlimited

Some of the US companies that have invested in Norfolk & Suffolk

Globally connected

Norwich International Airport’s 50 minutes service to Amsterdam Schiphol connects to 21 cities in the continental USA. London Heathrow, 2 – 3½ hours by car or rail, serves 31 US destinations direct. 

Most of the rest of England can be reached within 5 hours.

Attracting talent

Give your people a ‘second pay check’. Norfolk & Suffolk offers an unbeatably affordable yet high quality of life* that will attract top staff and help you to retain them. With lively towns and cities, and beautiful coasts and countryside, our region has all that any workforce could want.


Norfolk & Suffolk offers a variety of financial incentives to help your company locate and grow.  We also offer a talented and experienced staff that will help guide you through the location and development processes so your business can focus on its business.

For more information, take a look at our Incentives and Costs page.

Business networks

Meet and work with other successful companies from Norfolk & Suffolk. We have a great number of US and other international firms who have made the strategic decision to locate in Norfolk & Suffolk. Our local chambers of commerce and business associations are also available to help you become part of the business community.

Historic links

Links between Norfolk & Suffolk and the USA go back hundreds of years. The explorer Bartholemew Gosnold, founder of the Jamestown settlement in Virginia in 1607, was a Suffolk native. In WW2, Norfolk & Suffolk was home to hundreds of thousands of US servicemen, and thousands of USAF personnel still serve at RAF Lakenheath air force base in west Suffolk.

* see https://newanglia.co.uk/our-economic-strategy/ for details and references.


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